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IronProst – prostate, real opinions, how to make it – ingredients

That promise to drop IronProst?The symptoms of prostatitis. The opinion of the seller vs the official medicinasocial product. No antibiotics, but there are afrodiziaki treated prostatitis?Manufacturer drops IronProst. Old friends Reviews the "experts"Up

That promise to drop IronProst?

Inflammation of the prostate can be great to spoil the life of any man: difficulties with urination, pain in the groin area, weakness and chills are some of the problems that accompany a patient with prostatitis. Therefore, the promise to effectively cure this disease in the home looks very attractive.

As you can see from this ad unit, the main emphasis is on vegetable ingredients with exotic names. After a brief acquaintance with them, the sellers are moving to a story about prostatitis.

The symptoms of prostatitis. The opinion of the seller vs conventional medicine

And begins the story with the test to conduct introspection. How else to recognize the disease? Not the same survey in a hospital to go, honestly.

I noted 3 the most ambiguous option that may arise for a variety of reasons. For example, lack of morning erections may indicate basic tiredness and fatigue.

Although prostatitis reduces the sex drive to give some specific numbers like "3 times a week normal", just nonsense. Not to mention the subjectivity of the phrase "the brightness of the orgasm" - this is truly a medical term.

Anyway, the choice is made – the "tick" is delivered. And what can I say about the results?

If I have had sex only 2 times a week and in the morning there was an erection, then I'm in danger! And if you do not buy a drop today, then tomorrow will cease to be a man. Horror stories about prostatitis

This terrible story does not end there. Next we tell in paints about other consequences of the disease.

This information is also highly exaggerated. Frequent urination and lower potency, of course, accompanied by prostatitis, but at the expense of everything else is debatable.

  • Prostate massage. This procedure is contraindicated in acute prostatitis! Most experts agree that prostate massage leads to metastasis of infection and harm from it will be more than good.
  • Removal of the prostate. Prostatitis be treated medically, not surgically. For help to the surgeons will have to apply in the case of a prostate abscess (purulent inflammation). But even in this case, the prostate is not removed. By the way, the abscess is a direct consequence of inadequate treatment of prostatitis: that is, if instead of having to go to the doctor, the patient undergoes tests and self-medicates, his chances of getting to the surgeon increase significantly.
  • Cancer of the prostate.Here are the risk factors of prostate cancer: prostatitis among them is not mentioned.

Prostate cancer in 75% of cases appear in men older than 65 years. This is an important fact, because then the sellers drops draw our attention to the fact that the prostate begins to appear in 35-40 years:

This statistic also confirms that the threat of cancer attracted "for ears".

Check IronProst and improve life

The composition of the product. No antibiotics, but there are aphrodisiacs

As you can see on the picture, complicated disease, male urology, we propose to treat with herbs without malesa diagnosis. It is not necessary to determine either the type of the pathogen, nor to be tested for STDs, simply to drink containing three drops of an aphrodisiac:

1. Oscuro, Epimedium Peruvian Maca

To complement all this tonic and antispasmodic tinctures:

2. Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola and Aruda.

What we have at the end: a nice grassy vitamin of seagulls, which will improve metabolism and will slightly raise your libido, which fell due to the INFLAMMATION! In fact the seller does not ask us to treat the cause - he just offers something to drink to erection and enhance libido. The effect is temporary? So we need more drops (sarcasm).

This method of treatment can be compared to as if you do not have to sew the cut, to obezzarajivatei and rinse it and just put a band-aid flesh color. In mind that everything is fine, but when the patch gets wet from blood or dissection will disperse even more - just to stick more of the new patch.

How to treat prostatitis - IronProst?

Acute prostatitis is treated with antibiotics. But first, you must determine the type of virus-the causative agent of this disease.

There are several types of microorganisms causing prostatitis. They have different sensitivity to certain supplements: an antibiotic effective against one of micoorganism, will be useless against another. Therefore, no single, universal cure prostatitis does not exist.

Danger drops IronProst(Iron Easy) is that they give unrealistic promises. Instead of having to go to the doctor, trusting buyers acquire ineffective drops. It's much easier to order online than to go to the clinic – especially if good marketers previously intimidated "humiliating prostate massage".

And as naive unfortunates are treated with drops, the disease progresses and may become chronic or lead to an abscess.

But with timely and adequate treatment prostatitis can be successfully treated: the improvement of physical condition occurs within a few days, a month later, the patient recovers completely without any negative consequences. So the main thing is not to delay and not to self-medicate.

Check IronProst and improve life

Manufacturer drops IronProst.

Slaviya has long been selling suspicious drops of supplements. We have repeatedly drawn attention to this firm, whose activities, according to the state register Jur.individuals should be expressed in the design of construction projects.

Packing size and price of the products "Slavia" ...., always the same. The only difference is: drops from Smoking, from prostatitis, migraine, rhinitis, varicose veins, bags under his eyes... well, healing from all diseases for .... – quite a profitable business.

Reviews of "experts - IronProst"

In addition to false information, the marketers of this office like to call "experts" naturopaths:

Once again, we repeat: naturopathy is a scientifically accepted form of alternative medicine. It is based on the theory that our cells happen supernatural processes that are inexplicable from a scientific point of view. Naturopaths treat(?) various herbs, calling their supplement free methods. From this it follows:

  • Naturopath may not be the candidate of medical Sciences (PhD), because it does not recognize the treatment methods of traditional medicine. Just as medicine is skeptical of naturopaths.
  • In naturopathy, antibiotics are not used (what is a plant called a "natural antibiotic" that does not make it so). And without antibiotics to cure prostatitis will not succeed.

Besides, no other mention of A. V. Mineev, except this feedback is Iron Prost, can not find work. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that this character is fictional.

Summary - IronProst

A website dedicated drops from prostatitis, frankly intimidates their customers. They say, don't buy our product will become impotent and sick with cancer. But the whole point of the story is that those who believe the marketing and buy these drops, at the risk of asking for health problems.

After all, turning to the doctor, it is possible for a month to successfully cure prostatitis. While taking the drops, the person postpones the trip to the hospital and the risk of chronic prostatitis or inflammation which would require surgical intervention.

For successful treatment of prostatitis is necessary to choose the right antibiotics. He prescribed individually, depending on the type of virus and its sensitivity to certain supplements. Try to replace all this kind of universal set of herbs is a risky idea. In addition, given the reputation of the sellers ("Slavia"), there is no guarantee that the composition of the droplets present stated components.

Check IronProst and improve life

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