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Parse the real reviews about the serum SkinVitalis: cheating or not and get reviews for it professionals. As well as information about the product, its operation and results.

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Up to this point it was impossible to know how effective the serum-cream SkinVitalis — the last hope to stop the aging process, restore youth to the skin. Women relied only on reviews, forums, the opinion of a neighbor. Now before your eyes on a qualitative study of juvaderm. Read it and become the one who knows what he's doing.

How to avoid becoming a sucker and that you learn

Women in 98% of cases buy cosmetics at random or excessive credulity. This fact is on the surface, but for credibility you can estimate that, for example, in Europe to 2016 of the 77 million female anyway, close to the medicine about 3 million people.

Of these, only a small portion has an idea about the chemical properties, action of supplements and resistant to the suggestion of advertising. Similarly, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine — people buy in pharmacies simply because there is a man in a Bathrobe.

When you know how the effect actually chamomile extract or hyaluronic acid, all they are allowed is very important.

For this reason, about SkinVitalis we'll cover:

  • Appearance of packaging, compliance with standards.
  • The full composition, color, smell, consistency.
  • What are the active ingredients and their combination.
  • How not to fall into the trap of counterfeit goods.
  • Where to buy and the real price.
  • Terms of delivery and possible return of goods.
  • Real negative reviews and opinions of professionals.

If you are ready to become a meticulous consumer, don't fall for the tricks of marketers, add the site to your favorites, because it is more useful to you, and share in social networks.

Looks like a real SkinVitalis

Packing SkinVitalis has a modest appearance, the food is a cardboard with a coated front side and light-beige reverse side. The color is brown. The only expensive element — foil logo of stylized letters L/S, inscribed in a square.

Simplicity of design allows to conclude, that the manufacturer invested in the tool itself, not colors expensive a piece of cardboard to stand out on the shelf.

Inside the box is a vial-dispenser, also painted in brown color with logo. When pressed under slight pressure flows thick clear gel tea-colored.

Smell is herbal with notes of sage, chamomile, calendula.

Composition SkinVitalis

Despite the fact that the supplement can meet the clever names of substances, all of them of natural origin, named only as difficult. Probably, the marketers did not consider it necessary to convey more available to buyers true name. Or on the contrary, they wanted thereby to make an impression. Judge for yourself.

Table main active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid

Is a natural chemical compound that is present in connective tissue and skin cells. The skin performs a regenerative function, but when exposed to sunlight accelerates decay and stops synthesis.

With age, hyaluronic acid degrades its quality (extended length of molecular chains) and ceases to be effective, despite the fact that its amount in the body increases. Therefore, penetration into the dermis of SkinVitalis in short-chain form provides restorative functions.

Propylene glycol

The tool is also known under the index E1520 permitted in all developed countries (including CIS) Supplement. Scope varies, but in this case is used as a humectant and softening component, although known for its antibacterial properties.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate

Despite the true chemical name is only a derivative of ascorbic acid, but has unique properties: the peeling of the upper layers, bleaching the skin, giving it elasticity.

A non-acidic form of vitamin C for sensitive skin.

Provitamin B5

Form of vitamin B5 which is deliberately in the form of predecessor to have the opportunity inside of the body to become a part of coenzyme A, and help in the metabolic processes, in particular, the saturation of the cells with necessary acids, other vitamins. Due to the hypolipidemic action, reduces the oiliness.


Means, included in the list of anesthetics, anti-inflammatory world Health Organization. Popular ingredient in cosmetic products with the only difference that in Sittensen is added as an extract of comfrey. Not able to produce apes and humans.

Lactic acid

Someone just call this substance is a degradation product of glucose in the process of muscle, but for more advanced people, including doctors, found that she is the source of energy is oxygen-free (anaerobic metabolism). Very suitable for skin that has become of age to less energy of the muscular fiber which has ceased to be so active.

Other auxiliary substances will collect in a list (34 names):

Water, extracts of Arnica, lemon, ivy, butcher's broom, Vitex, mallow baobab, geranium, calendula, sage and chamomile, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, allantoin, glycerin, cetearate 23, a little wheat germ, C11-C13, isoparaffin, Caprylic of trigild, jojoba oil, oil macadamia nut, tocopherol, retinyl palmitate, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, Niacinamide, caffeine, isoprene palmitate, lecithin, extract swertia, propylene glycol, lipoderm of cryo Polysorbate 20, microcar DMP.

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The preparation complies with GOST 31 695-2012 "cosmetic Gels" by all criteria, in particular: color, appearance, odor, pH and other specified on the package. Additionally passed the certification.

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

Action SkinVitalis

Noteworthy vitamin C, which, though familiar to us all, but changed the molecule structure has changed and its effect. Due to an adapted formula of ascorbic acid, the medium gently whitens the complexion without damaging even the most sensitive skin.

Substance inherited from the biochemical precursor the main property — to strengthen blood vessels and have antioxidant effects.

A prudent housewife knows that exfoliation is necessary to carry out at least 1 time in a month because in this period of time to receive new layers of dead epidermis. Each uses his tool, but in this case, a new form of vitamin is better than, as is the involvement of other trace elements.

For example, when you removed the layer of skin, opening the dermis is quite vulnerable to the external effects: UV rays, bacteria, and ecology. If you use for peeling magnesium ascorbyl phosphate from SkinVitalis, the game immediately enters the external hyaluronic acid, which compensates for its loss of domestic and allantoin, and later involved provitamin B5.

In the final stage connects lactic acid, saturating the skin with energy, so necessary for it to maintain elasticity. The last emphasis of the supplement is propylene glycol, which keeps moisture inside and resists microorganisms. That is, the skin does not dry, does not lose valuable items.

If step by step, the action SkinVitalis is:

  1. The first is to remove the dead skin whitening.
  2. Restoring the volume of hyaluronic acid for 8 hours — regeneration.
  3. The destruction of bacteria and germs.
  4. Filling the cells with energy without oxygen, recovery of elasticity.
  5. Moisture retention and protection from external influence.

As you can see, these stages are like layers lie on top of each other. But most importantly, these components are not antagonists, often found in expensive supplements. This allows you to get first visible results in just 4 days.

Where to buy SkinVitalis

Given that over 2018 has already sold more than 3 million packages SkinVitalis, and the first awarding of the quality mark has occurred already in 2015 (you can see on the official website), it would be strange not to find a retail product. In pharmacies Europe, the supplement was seen very short period, until that moment, until he was by law allowed to sell over-the-counter medical cosmetics through the Internet (p. 76 of the Rules of sale of medicines).

If the ingredients of the supplement to penetrate below the epidermis layer, it is medicine.

In this short period SkinVitalis to buy in pharmacies of different regions can be had for 11 999 les. Although the official website was the retail price of 1599 les. In addition, the shelves are flooded with counterfeit products — Yes, even pharmacology is immune to it. Related to this is the number of trials with the plant, although it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Understanding the buyer can easily find information online.

Because the state permitted the sale of such remote method, the manufacturer never constrained to abandon intermediaries, and he moved over to his official website. This is the only option to avoid counterfeiting.

Price, terms of sale and return

Since centralized sales price SkinVitalis is from .... This variation stems from the fact that in the observed period, there have been promotions. On average, the price cut shows ....

Moreover, we note that the seller does not require pre-payment, which would be unsafe. Redemption happens in the mail only if you are convinced that such a product came to the right place.

Tip: before between the seller and the buyer signed the contract (they count as a normal cheque), you have the right to cancel the purchase. The law is on your side.

In case the goods do not come, after you bought it, in normal situation, you can make a refund. However, this does not work in the case of medical and cosmetic products. So there are reasons for termination of a transaction can be as follows:

  • expiration date;
  • wrong item;
  • nedokomplekt.

Delivery of goods is carried out for a period of from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the region.

Real reviews and comments of experts SkinVitalis

We analyzed the reviews from different public sources, except for suspicious websites, and got some interesting statistics (a total of 150 messages)

  • 76.6% of positive reviews (115 people);
  • 19.3% of negative reviews (29 people);
  • 6 people — neutral, non-result or were not familiar with the supplement.

It is important that of the negative reviews about SkinVitalis was only about 30% of any constructive, another 50% — about deception and forgery. Also you can leave your feedback in the form below, and yet will give examples, starting with an upbeat.

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

Marina H., 44 years:

"Girls, SkinVitalis — excellent. Unlike some, I know what suits my skin and what is best to stay away. I have it very sensitive, so I felt a chill and tingling, but they were gone in about 15 minutes. Those who complain about the allergies — you really are in your 40-50 years don't know what you have the way the body reacts? On the package is written the whole composition is go online and check to see if something is not clear. And if about the results, I liftened helped after about a week from the beginning of use. Wrinkles disappear gradually. I didn't expect instant results, it's not Botox."

Opinion expertisation Osipovitch-oncologist

"Marina is partly right in that you need to know what allergies the person. Another thing is that not every customer can understand complicated names, for example, extract Matricaria is a distillation of conventional chamomile. So the consumer has now tight, but your health is in your hands — sort it out.

Having studied the composition, I can definitely say that no chemistry is not there, except, perhaps, synthesized hyaluronic acid. Although I suspect that it could be extruded from the body of vertebrates."

Galina S., 49 years:

"Work — Yes, like the price — no. First, we need to warn you that to consolidate the effect, you must pass the 6-week courses. Second, the price of 99 applies to the limited edition. When I got the call, there are only 2 packages tools for the shares. In the end, 6 weeks to 6 bottles, each of 1500 les, not counting the bonus. In General, it is 6000 + 2*99 = 6198 les. Normal? Bred on the headstock."

Olga T., age 37:

"Galina, if you really think that for 99 les will get the remedy that eliminates wrinkles virtually for a few days, when even distant from this result doroguschie jars stand for 5 thousand apiece, then you're a fool. Curtain."

Opinion expertalert Colorimeter

"Hello, Galina. Try to look for similar promotional eccentricities otherwise. If it were not stated the price of 99 les, you: a) would pay more than 3,000 les; b) it is unlikely to ever showed interest in this tool, and left with wrinkles.

You can blame us marketers (by the way, I have no relationship to the supplement), but we, when working with a quality product have two objectives that we break my heart. We need business to bring the money because it's salary, new research, taxes. But we want your life to improve, it's key to personal success, a stable income, your satisfaction from the purchase. And you have to balance between two temptations.

In my opinion, if the proposal of the law was to offer, then you could insist on sending you those items."

Karina P., 57 years old:

"They say that wrinkles on forehead the phenomenon not frequent, but to me that's lucky. Couldn't beat the trench side to side. The packaging SkinVitalis there are no chemicals — all natural. But I did not like that consumed very quickly. That is one jar enough for 5-7 days. My crease was delayed not once, but somewhere towards the end of the second week. Just started to drag. Well, no, really, where a company of soldiers could hide, so work is working, fine lines and sagging disappeared after a week, but will have to order another batch. Because the two-week application doesn't hook effect."

Go to the office. the website SkinVitalis →

Opinion expertley N. Cincinasty beautician, practice 17 years

"Karina, you're right — no facility is capable of for a week or two to fix the result, in addition to injectable treatments. But, unfortunately, the last we could do that chin fixed at ear level and it will be forever. Optimally primarily to try the scs and moisturizing creams and to start to care for the skin after 25 years. But, rewind age ago, we can no longer, therefore, better comprehensive properties: sc + saturation + moisture + protection. Judging by the composition, SkinVitalis needs to perform these functions.

Consolidation happens mainly because the cells have not learned to work in the right mode. Mean stable production of own collagen and elastin. It's like a baby — he needs to grow up and then learn to stay on his feet."

Olga Z., 38 years:

"All anything, but somehow frightening. At this price why not have a little pokatatsya on high-quality design? I would have to pay more. And so the house ashamed to store, you will watch, you will think that demazeau the remnants of the Soviet cream."

Opinion expertalert Colorimeter

"Hello, Olga. If we are talking about the outer packaging, you can inform that in average cosmetic cost of product by 50% — the cost of protective shipping material (packing simple). Expensive useful when you need to stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Along with this, I can't agree that it all ready to pay a little more like you."

Opinion expertvillage A. cosmetologist

"Olga, I can only agree with Alexey Kokorin, but here are some examples: tar soap — the most effective remedy for parasites, asterisk Vietnamese — indispensable for colds, sugar and simple luxury — brand are the same. There are many facilities where the packaging plays no role, and there is added value — read the overpayment. The most important thing — active and auxiliary substances."

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

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